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Jun 5, 2018

工作坊:DIY空气净化器 Smart Air Workshop

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While environmental issues become a big concern for everyone in the society, we need to figure out how we can solve daily environmental problems with our own efforts. It's said there are at least 2 air filters in every household in Beijing. And the air filters that are available on the market are not cheap, are there some alternatives? 


DIY your own Air purifier with Smart Air is the answer!



Let’s learn about the story behind Smart Air.


2013年,“书呆子”美国在读博士生Thomas Talhelm 在北京AQI爆表的时候做研究,他想要呼吸到干净的空气但是发现需要花几千上万块的价格购买昂贵的空气净化器!于是Thomas Talhelm(现芝加哥大学助理教授)在北京开始测试并研究制作他的DIY空气净化器,发现DIY和昂贵的空气净化器一样高效!所以他成立了社会企业 - Smart Air聪明空气,与空气污染行业高利润说不,通过举行空气污染DIY沙龙分享知识,旨在传播DIY精神,提高公众环保意识。如今,在北京(总部),印度,蒙古,我们相信,通过我们一直坚持的数据和测试方法的公开透明会让更多的人们意识到呼吸清洁空气不需要花大价钱。

In 2013, Thomas Talhelm was a poor Ph.D. student doing his research in Beijing when the airpocalypse struck. He wanted to protect his lungs but found most machines sell for thousands of RMB. Thomas (now Dr. Talhelm!) started building and testing low-cost DIY purifiers in his Beijing bedroom. Then he started Smart Air, a social enterprise dedicated to fighting insane profit-margins in the purifier industry and instead make clean air affordable for all. We believe that, in the long run, open data and transparent tests can protect people from slick marketing that tries to convince us we need to spend 10,000 RMB to protect our health.


如果你也对DIY一个聪明空气Smart Air感兴趣的话,可千万不要错过6月24日在柴火造物中心举办的工作坊哦!

If you are interested in learning about how to DIY a Smart Air filter, you should definitely join the Smart Air workshop on June 24th at x.factory! 

工作坊导师 - 烨烨

Workshop Presenter - Yeye


Yeye 是Smart Air的DIY沙龙-环保教育项目运营官,她负责DIY沙龙在中国的发展并管理新媒体运营。Yeye的老家在可爱的海南岛,她很喜欢到处旅行和找好吃的,你可能在世界任何一个角落看到她和当地人一起开心的享用美食。

Yeye runs Smart Air’s educational outreach and DIY workshops. She’s a proud Hainanese and loves traveling. Don’t be surprised to find her in different parts of the world enjoying food with the locals!


​工作坊导师 - 胡沁婷

Workshop Co-host - Rachel Hu


Rachel是深圳开源项目Citizen Q的发起者,也是柴火造物中心会员。她将向大家介绍她的项目,并用CItizen Q环境检测仪测试空气净化器。

Rachel Hu (a member at x.factory) is the project initiator of the Shenzhen-based Open Source environmental awareness project Citizen Q. She will be introducing project Citizen Q and testing the air filters with Citizen Q environment station.



Content & Process of the Smart Air Workshop





#1 Knowledge (Speech 30-40 minutes)

We explain how filters and masks work, and we show data that demonstrate exactly how much particulate pollution filters remove from the air in your home.





#2 Do it yourself! (Show how to) or DIY the air purifiers (10-20 minutes)

You’ll get to build your own air purifiers. Assembly is quick and easy, and we provide all the tools, fans, and HEPAs. In about 15 minutes, you’ll have an air purifier you can take home to get rid of PM2.5. Clean air is that quick and easy!(Note: material for a DIY Air purifier is 200RMB)


第三环节:现场测试(20 ~30分钟)

在活动现场我们会邀请Rachel来介绍Citizen Q空气质量检测仪,并教大家如何检测你刚组装好的空气净化器的功效。


#3  Live test with Citizen Q (20~30 minutes)

We'll invite Rachel to introduce the project Citizen Q, and show you how to use Citizen Q to test the filters that everyone just made. 



在测试结束后欢迎继续进行交流和讨论。 We’ll stick around for as long you like to answer questions and continue the discussion.


Event Info 


时间:2018年6月24日(星期日)16:00 - 18:00



(1)参与分享会 - 免费(点击该链接在活动行报名)

(2)参与DIY制作 - 200元/台,材料费,现场缴费给工作坊负责人(自愿参加,可以多人合作DIY一台)请扫描以下二维码付费报名,截止时间6月18日。


Time: 16:00 - 18:00, June 24th, 2018 (Sunday)

Place: Chaihuo x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)


(1)Participating in the sharing & discussion session - FREE (pls click this link to sign up on Eventbrite)

(2)Participating in DIY session - 200RMB for the material of a DIY Air purifier, pay to the workshop presenter onsite (Voluntarily, you can also DIY 1 Smart Air with your friends. please scan the following QR code to sign up & pay for the material fee, the application closes on June 18th)


#专题活动 #GirlPower Monthly Event



We host a #GirlPower #FemaleMaker event every month. Through these events, we’d like to showcase the superpower of female designers, engineers, artists in different fields, to encourage more girls to participate in works related to science, technology, design and social innovation. 



Partner this month's event: Shenzhen Green Drinks


深圳绿色畅饮是一个每月举行的非盈利性草根社交活动。我们的活动聚焦于环境可持续性主题,我们欢迎所有想工作、学习或仅仅关心环境的人加入我们。了解更多关于全球绿色畅饮社交在这里: www.greendrinks.org

Shenzhen Green Drinks is a nonprofit grassroots networking event that meets monthly. Our events focus on environmental sustainability topics, and we welcome everyone who works, studies or simply cares about the environment to join us. Learn more about the global network here: www.greendrinks.org


场地指引地图 Map to guide you to the venue of the meetup




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