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Meilily Li
Jun 27



Hey Community,

If you have made some innovative projects and want to explore further to take it to the next level. It’s time to take on this challenge, join the Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurs Star Contest (Students/Graduates). It can offer you a perfect stage to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality! The contest is organized by Shenzhen Municipal Government (Nanshan District).

Back in 2010, a drone startup DJI participated in the contest, and now it is the world’s leading company in the commercial and civilian drone industry, accounting for over 70% of the drone market. You can take a similar path by participating in the contest. Click here to learn more.


As the media and outreach partner of the contest (Students/Graduates), we are inviting makers from the community to participate in the contest, to win away up to ¥550,000 cash prize and get post-contest supports.


As long as your project is related to tech innovation, you can submit it. It can be a past project or an ongoing project, just submit project info and a draft business idea online to participate!


Eligible Participants:

-Maker Teams(with a minimum of 3 team members)

-Startups (already registered as a company)

*This competition is for university/college graduates, so at least one core member of your team/startup should be a student or graduate after 2014.

Contest Timeline & Awards
How to enter:

Since some of the info on the official website is in Chinese, and might not be friendly enough, we’ve helped create a form on Google. You can submit your entry here and we will help you submit to the official website.


With so much info listed above, you might get confused. So here is the gist:

You only need to upload project info and an initial business plan to enter the contest!

For the first round, top 30 will get a coupon (110USD or equivalent cash) from Seeed. – a special and extra bonus from Seeed!

For the semi-final, 4 winners will be chosen from the two categories (maker team, startups) respectively, to win 20,000 ~ 50,000RMB cash. (8 winners in total)

For the final, the above 8 winners will enter the final competition with winners from other divisions, to win 100,000 ~ 500,000 RMB cash.

And there are a bunch of supports for teams entering this contest!


Why hesitate? Join now!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email us branding@seeed.cc.

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  • market
    6 days ago

    SAT考试 是申请美国大学的高中生不得不过的一关。关于SAT考试的话题也一直不断,时不时的取消成绩,延迟考试时间,甚至取消考试。虽说是有些大学不强制要求学生提交SAT成绩,但是想要提升自己的竞争力,大部分 美国大学申请 的学生都需要参加考试。 College Board 推出一个新的工具:Landscape Landscape 可以理解为一个背景环境信息盘,是 College Board 大约的两年前推出“环境背景信息中心”(Environmental Context Dashboard)的改版。 改版后的工具Landscape 考虑的因素与原来逆境分数的评估因素一致。Landscape 为学生在考试中的表现提供背景信息,囊括了学生的高中教学质量,学生成绩,学生的社区环境(例如高级课程设置和犯罪率)等等因素。
  • Li Xincheng
    Sep 29

    DIY A Wireless Charger Into A Book How to make your own DIY book charger First, you should buy a small wireless charger. Look for one that is  small, slim, and doesn’t raise the temperature too much  while loading. Obviously, if the temperature goes too hot, it will burn the book. 2. Next, find an old book you are willing to cut up. Make sure the cover not too thick because the thicker the cover is, the weaker the signal will be. 3. Then, you should use a pencil to mark the shape and position of the charger on the page. 4. Next, use a sharp knife to cut a hole in the book pages where the charger will go. remove the paper 5. After that, you should also cut a hole for where the cable exits the book. 6. Then, hide the wireless charger inside the book and use tape to stick it. 7. Please note that, if you are using the same wireless charger I am using, you should get a QC 3.0 adapter or it won’t charge well. 8. This small wireless charger is too small to locate, especially when it is hidden under the book, so, you should find some thing to help to locate it. 9. If your phone do not have wireless charging feature, you should buy a receiver. After you finish, you will see the art just like here. Finally, It works. you can search on amazon :   Soopus-X wireless charger 15W   for this item i am using. video:
  • 972412767
    Apr 26

    留学挂科导致GPA低被开除怎么办+Q:972412767 美国留学GPA满分是4分,即A=4,B=3,C=2, D=1 /GPA是衡量学生学术水平的一个重要指标。一般而言,如果连续两学期,本科生的GPA达不到2.0、研究生的GPA达不到3.0,都有可能面临被学校劝退或开除的情况。当然GPA并不仅仅是一次考试成绩定夺的,平时的课堂表现,作业的完成情况,课堂出勤率等等都是组成GPA的重要部分。如果GPA过低,身为国际生的我们,i20被取消连合法留在美国的身份也会失去。 对于学生来说,成绩虽然不能代表一个人的全部,但却是一个不可或缺的衡量标准。成绩最好的学生并不能代表他/她是个全面发展的人才,但成绩达不到学校基本要求的学生至少可以说明他/她没有尽到一个学生的本分。为了保证教育质量,几乎所有的大学都对学生有最低的成绩要求,美国的大学也不例外。美国大部分大学规定本科生至少要保证GPA2.0,如果GPA低于2.0,最初会被学校警告或者被罚停学处分,如果长时间GPA没有提升,就有可能被美国大学开除。 一般来说,成绩不好无非是由两种原因造成的,一种是学生自身主观能动性不强,沉迷于其他娱乐活动,留给学习的时间少之又少,最终导致无法取得满意的成绩。另一种原因则是外因,因为学生本身不可控制的因素对学生本人造成影响,导致无法专心学习或者无法有效率的进行学习,最终成绩差强人意。 那么GPA低被美国大学开除怎么办? 一般来说,应对措施是申诉沟通和紧急转学。申诉沟通可以让学生争取避免或降低学校的处罚。但需要注意:不是所有导致低分的原因都适合在申诉中列出,当不成熟的解释缺乏说服力时,会暴露学生更多的问题。如果担心自己越添越乱可以咨询Q:972412767交谈了解情况制定方案修改,留学不易,有这个机会大家应该多珍惜 首先,改成绩的目的是相互的,大家各取所需。解决学生学业阻碍 21世纪是信息化时代,互联网已经完全融入了生活,改变了我们很多方式,学校的办公也离开了纸质的年代,电脑信息化的处理方式,数据结构程序化的处理更加有效的节省了不必要的时间以及消耗,也减少了人工的错误,为了保证数学质量,有效利用学校的软硬件资源,就必须提供一个智能化的,灵活的高校系统管理系统咨询Q:972412767能在有限的条件下竭尽全力的为学生提供成绩修改/GPA/开除/劝退等服务