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Patrick Schumacher
Apr 29, 2018

Product idea looking for a right partner




我正在寻找一家制造商和业务合作伙伴,用于开发,原型和生产(1000 + / a)一个硬件的想法。



传感器垫尺寸为300 x 300 mm,网格尺寸至少为1 mm至1.5 mm,可作为压力传感器安装在固定表面之后,准确测量冲击的冲击及其位置,并将其作为 信号。









I am looking for a maker and busines partner for developing, prototyping and production (1000+/a) one hardware idea with me.


Necessary specifics:

Sensor mats in the size of 300 x 300 mm which have a grid of at least 1 mm to 1.5 mm and can be mounted as a pressure sensor behind a fixed surface and accurately measures the impulse of the impact and its location and transmits it as a signal.


Let me know if you have interest, I share more informations.





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